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Chicago Illustrator and Fine Artist.

 A Hopeless Romantic whose work is inspired by nature and that otherworldly feeling when we inhale, our breath catches, and time seems to stop. That liminal space of tension before the fall, before the leap, before the song, and then about that moment afterwards, when we exhale transformed.

The symbols of fantasy, fairy tale, folk tale, myth, music, and poetry are my touchstones and gateways through these liminal spaces.

When I'm not doing that, you can find me reading, walking in nature, discovering new music, gaming, spending time in cafes, cooking, spinning yarn, knitting, figuring out how things work, and traveling.

Carmilla Vive!
Sword and Cloak Productions
Morbacon Theatre Company
The Burnham Society Podcast

Group Shows
Portraits Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago IL
Weather C33 Gallery, Chicago IL